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              Episode 136:
              Ten Fingers, Ten Toes

              Published On Jan 16, 2019

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              I’m the Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Meum of Art

              Hi there. So, turns out I am the Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Meum of Art in New York, New York for 2016/2017.

              I’m extremely excited about that.

              Here’re some A’s to some FAQ’s…

              Q: What’ll you be doing, exactly?
              A: I’ll be producing eight audio pieces over the course of the next several months that are inspired by the collection and the meum itself.

              Q: Rad! Are you still going to be doing regular Memory Palace episodes?
              A: Thanks for your enthiasm! Yes, with rare exceptions, these Met Residency Episodes (as they’ll be designated on the site and in your podcast feed) will not derail the normal, every-other-week release schedule of the regular Memory Palace episodes. Think of them as bon episodes.

              Q: Sounds dope, Nate. Super dope. But, say I live in Oklahoma/Osaka/Oswego/Oberhaen/Oxaca de Juarez and won’t be able to get to the Met, will these pieces still make sense?
              A: Maybe? There’ll definitely be some that really don’t hold up unless you’re there. That’s jt the way it’s going to have to be. But, not all. In the notes for each episode, I’ll include links to any of the art called out by name in the episode. Further, I spect that some Met episodes might get a slightly tweaked, non-site-specific Memory Palace episode.

              Q: How often will they come out?
              A: Periodically. Roughly monthly for the next several months, likely two at a time. But we’re going to be flexible.

              Q: Beyond the episodes themselves, will you be doing anything else at The Met as part of your residency?
              A: Yes. Details to come.

              Q: Are you actually in residence?
              A: Like, I sleep in a sarcophag? Or like some From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler situation?

              Q: No. Jeeze. Do you live in New York now?
              A: Nope. Still in L.A.. Jt visiting there a lot.

              Q: Are these episodes canon?
              A: Like, in the Star Wars/Dr. Who/whatever way? Wow, that’s… wow.

              Q: Why are you ragging on me? You’re writing these questions.
              A: Excellent point! If you’re a Memory Palace stan, consider the numbered episodes proper Memory Palace episodes.

              Q: Looking good, Nate. (Sorry, that was more of a comment).
              A: No problem, buddy. Right back at you.

              Published On Oct 05, 2016 | Posted In News »

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              The Research Assistant Job Has Been Filled


              Thanks so much to everyone who applied for the Research Assistant position. I was overwhelmed by the variety and volume of applicants.


              Published On Feb 12, 2016 | Posted In News »


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